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Aqua Media Direct Balances Frequency and “True Reach”.

All of our local media clients go to great lengths to explain the reach their media has to qualified audiences when selling to local clients. Why then, do some clients offer behavioral targeting and re-targeting which are the antithesis of… Continue Reading →


FASCINATION A lot of our clients have asked how our company went from 4 years of being in the nucleus of the online advertising industry to our transition to being a company that is 100 percent dedicated to Local Online… Continue Reading →

National Online Advertising vs. Local Online Advertising

National Online Advertising vs. Local Online Advertising One of the best lenses to see how National Online Advertising differs from Local Online Advertising is to understand how a national advertiser protects itself versus the very little protection the same industry… Continue Reading →

A Primer On Online Advertising as it pertains to Local Online Media

A Brief Primer on the Online Advertising Industry as it Pertains to Local Online Media. With all the confusion created by more competition in local online media, it is important to understand how the Online Advertising Industry works. Online Advertising… Continue Reading →

That’s Local Advertising…

That’s Local Advertising… “Cookie based” stalwarts such as behavioral targeting, and re-targeting may seem like good ideas in national advertising where humans are faceless and ramifications of awkward stalking are kept at arms length, but local sellers of online advertising… Continue Reading →

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