Aqua Media Direct Balances Frequency and “True Reach”.

All of our local media clients go to great lengths to explain the reach their media has to qualified audiences when selling to local clients. Why then, do some clients offer behavioral targeting and re-targeting which are the antithesis of reach?

Let’s examine what real reach a local behavioral or re-targeting campaign has. This cookie based method must place a cookie on a browser before showing ads, and then shows as many ads as possible to a single USER. This really amounts to catastrophic “frequency”. If the rule of 7 is still in your vocabulary, how many more times than 7 should a person see an ad to effectively sway them toward a purchase?

It’s no wonder that cookie based advertising companies encourage heavy front loading of campaigns to take advantage of cookie “freshness”. What they don’t acknowledge is how they will continue to target the same USERS for 30 to 45 days.

Take into consideration the following analysis that acknowledges that a single USER can be responsible for 1342 impressions per day.
US 314.18B online daily ad US impressions per day
234MM internet users per day
1,342 online ad impressions per day per USER
1 USER can see 41,602 impressions per month (31 day month)*
*Cookie base advertising targets USER’s relentlessly wherever the USER goes on the web resulting in
extreme frequency and limited reach.

Now it is not likely that a cookie based firm will consume all of a single user’s impressions per day, but with front loading it is likely that hundreds of ads will be seen by a single USER in a single day; well beyond recommended frequency.

Our company has a solution to this catastrophic frequency. Our method, AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ targets websites with sophisticated research that helps us to understand the audience interests of a particular brand website. We place ads before the click, and use frequency caps to balance frequency and reach. This makes us the only company that can provide true reach to local advertisers.

Our company has balanced frequency and reach, and brought “true reach” back to the equation.

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