Don’t Lose Your Exclusivity

Another attention grabbing headline…

Here’s a little history:

In 2011, our company created AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ and built a sales program that emphasized the uniqueness of our product offering, and that as an Exclusive Partner, your company was the only game in town that could sell it. With only 10 Media Plans, we started reaching out to partners and the rest is history. Our 100+ Media Partners enjoy our 1100+ Media Plans, Sales Materials, Selling Strategies for Building Digital Sales Success, and most of all having the one-of-a-kind digital media product to differentiate your offering from the 20+ companies that are selling the same products, i.e., re-targeting, behavioral targeting, etc.

Fast forward to now, and we see some great efforts among our media partners.

The biggest challenge any media company has is differentiating their media product in order to sell it.

We have done this work for you with the creation of our Media Product, and all you have to do is realize what you have and why it is superior to the 20 other digital product offerings in your market; and that you are the only source of this superior product in your local market.

If you comprehend what you have, you won’t have to worry about lowering your prices to compete, because you have the only product of it’s kind and it is a premium product. What makes it a premium product?

100% Transparency, 100% Viewability, and 100% Local Reach to name a few.

It is early September and 4th quarter is around the corner. Many local businesses make a good amount of revenue during 4th quarter. We have a plan to help you capture more of this business using foolproof Customer Needs Analyses to boost your 4th quarter revenue, and to make 2017 be the largest amount of add-on digital revenue your company has made to date.

The alternative is to do nothing more to sell digital revenue. If this is the goal, then we’ll have to grant Exclusivity to a competitor; which goes against our grain.

Please reach out to schedule an appointment with us to discuss “Increasing Your Local Digital Revenue”.

Alan Thiessen
Tom Doyle

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