Differentiating – the Creme De La Creme of Add-On Sales Success

First Quarter 2017 is behind us, and it’s a good time to take stock of your digital sales efforts to determine how much more can be accomplished in 3 more quarters to turn 2017 into the year that you succeed in making digital sales a key factor in creating year after year revenue gains.

Differentiation is a core principal for all Media Sales to create a perceived need for a seller’s product and the benefit from choosing it.

I was on an Advanced Training Session with a client recently and asked the sales persons attending how they differentiate their own media from the local competition.  I wasn’t too surprised to hear in great detail the way this client strategically emphasizes key facets of their radio station’s local prowess, the weakness of their competition, and how their clients know how important these facets are. The big question then, is why is it so hard to differentiate your online offerings from local competitors?

Our company has created our Audience Extension service to be so simple and well thought out, and I think a lot of our clients need to better understand the big pieces, and how well our product can fit into their sales effort, and successfully increase their digital sales revenue along with increasing their core media sales revenue.

So back to the way your company differentiates your local media from other “like” media in your community.   You have expertly differentiated your own media from the local competition.  We have done the same thing with our product to help you to have the edge.  Our product is a one-of-a-kind digital media product that your company can sell exclusively making you the only game in town with a Premium local online media product.   How well is this positioned with your own differentiating qualities?

Why is our AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ Product Premium?

+ 100% Transparency, 100% Viewability, and 100% Local Reach are hallmark attributes of our Media Product.
+ Cookie Based: 0% Transparency, 46% Viewability (Comscore), and 37% Local Reach (eMarketer).

Why is our Product “One-Of-A-Kind?

+ Because it is the only such product to be designed to “fit” and excel in Local Online Media.
+ When we created our product the impetus was our realization in 2011 that national cookie-based targeting did not apply to local online media sufficiently after conducting real cookie based campaigns and having them fail to perform.

Now there are between 11 and 22 local sellers of digital in 2017, and they are all selling the same cookie-based product regardless of how craftily they explain it.

With all of this in mind, I’d like to offer Advanced Training to any client who wants to get their sales person’s heads wrapped around “combo selling” with the idea that you’ll build more sales revenue for your core media in the process.

Tom Doyle
Executive Offices
Aqua Media Direct, Inc.
225 South Lake Avenue
3rd Floor
Pasadena, CA 91101
(626) 432-7253
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