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We are the first online display media company to convert to Local Online Media and had to re-invent the “wheel” because the wheel was too big.  We had to make it smaller and “more effective” for our local media partners; and it has outperformed all other targeting models since 2011! Our method is unique because we don’t use cookies that limit reach. Target people not “bots”, with our cookie-less AQUA PRE-TARGETING™.

Who we are

Local online advertising in nothing like national online advertising.

In 2011, we were the first full fledged digital company to turn our focus to local Audience Extension, and create a new targeting model, AQUA PRE-TARGETING™, that is an ideal fit for local online advertising.  In the ensuing years, it was hard to believe the digital industry uses the same “one size all” approach to local online advertising and does still today.

In essence, we re-invented the “wheel” when it came to the way we changed our method of targeting local communities with what is known today as AQUA PRE-TARGETING™, our one-of-a-kind targeting model that has 100% local reach, 100% transparency, and 100% viewability.  Now we place a local advertiser’s banner on big brand websites and Geo-target them to members of their community; many of whom are subliminally aware of the local business banners they see when surfing the web in the alpha state created by their interest.

Our clients are local media companies that enjoy the attributes of our targeting model, being the only game in town as the Exclusive seller of a one-of-a-kind local digital media product, and our ongoing training, service, and support.

We are driven by the desire to help our clients to achieve success in selling digital advertising along with their core media sales so that they can earn year after year revenue gains.

The only way to understand how unique, and comprehensive our services are, is to request a demonstration.  Please reach out to to set up a demonstration.

Aqua Media Direct’s Founder & CEO, Tom Doyle, has been in the online display media space since the beginning in 1997. From 1997 to 2002 he was at the helm of one of the first site representation companies, Go4Media. Go4Media had 60 sites and sold their content and the content’s audiences to the early industry’s first interactive agencies, including Left Field, and Avenue A.

Doyle’s earlier traditional media experience was as owner of a company that provided major market media planning, media buying, and integrated promotions for touring entertainment companies and their sponsors including Barry Manilow and Frank Sinatra (P&G), Neil Diamond, The Rolling Stones, and A Chorus Line, The Broadway Tour of America (Visa).

Doyle started Aqua Media Direct in 2006 to make audience targeting more meaningful to advertisers. AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ is the culmination of this effort.

What We Do

Instead of a “one size fit’s all” approach that is the hallmark of all digital advertising that is now being sold locally, our company created the ideal local online alternative with our flagship AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ which targets brand websites without cookies, and uses sophisticated research to identify the audiences that visit them.


Our Local Media Company partners thrive on ratings and sell their massive reach to demographics that matter. Why then will their digital offering be so absent of reach? Cookie-based digital advertising is nothing but “frequency” that is well above Marketing’s Rule of 7.

Cookie-based advertising’s re-targeting and behavioral targeting limit reach by showing 1000’s of the same ad to the same “USERS”; and that number of “USERS” is shrinking.

Our Agency clients are regional, national or have national advertisers that want local exposure. The same condition with cookie-based advertising exists at these levels. Sixty three percent of Internet USERS are blocking cookies, leaving only 37% available for showing ads (e-Marketer); and viewability is a major concern in digital advertising for 2017 when 46% of ads are NOT even seen (Comscore).


Our clients can download Media Plans and place orders and track them and get daily reports with monthly cumulative snapshots with our Media Dashboard, which is designed to better serve media companies and agencies.

  • Non-Invasive, Cookie-less AQUA PRE-TARGETING™
  • “Before the click” ad placement
  • Online Reporting
  • 100% Website Transparency
  • No fraud which is associated with “blind” inventory
  • 100% Viewability
  • Sales Tools – 1200+ Media Plans Tailored to Fit a Local Advertiser’s Need
  • Complete Managed Services
  • Daily Optimization by Website
  • 100% Transparent Website-by-Website Reporting
  • Sales Training & Ongoing Support
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Local & National Mobile Advertising
  • Local & National In-Banner Video Advertising
  • Local & National Video Advertising
  • GEO Fencing of a building, street, shopping mall, etc.
  • GEO Targeting via City, TV DMA, County, Longitude & Latitude


We developed our AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ in 2011, because we saw a need to go beyond the “cookie based” targeting that was prevailing in our industry from 2007 to 2010. We realized there was a crack in the armor of this targeting, and saw that it was beginning to unravel.

Our targeting model is ideal for Geo-targeting digital ads to local communities and has 100% Local Reach, 100% Transparency, and 100% Viewability.

  • Cookie-less and “Before The Click” AQUA PRE-TARGETING™ Audience Targeting
  • 100% Transparent Website Advertising
  • Local Mobile Advertising
  • Local PRE-ROLL Video Advertising
  • Audience Interest Affinities Advertising in Like Content or Non-Related Content Websites
  • GEO – ZIP Code/DMA /City/County/Longitude & Latitude Targeting
  • GEO Fencing around a building, city block, neighborhood, shopping mall, i.e., any advertiser that wants a high concentration of impressions in a small GEO footprint

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At Aqua Media Direct, we’re committed to our client’s long term success, and help them to generate enough digital revenue to forecast year after year gains.  Please contact us for more information.

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Tom Doyle
Chief Executive Officer

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